Toppan Merrill’s President of US, Canada, EMEA and India responds to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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As we navigate the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Toppan Merrill’s priority is to help ensure the health and safety of our employees, customers, partners, and communities. We continue to work proactively to protect our employees, maintain business continuity and service our customers. Toppan Merrill’s wide domestic and international business footprint allows us to share work across geographies and provide our clients with the availability and services they require. We are fully committed to serve our clients with excellence, by striving to provide our solutions and services without interruption. Here are a few things we have done to accomplish this goal:


  • A strict work-from-home policy for everyone whose job can be done remotely
  • Our production facilities are closed to all non-workers and we have added temperature checks on arrival into our facilities
  • Social distancing on site and smaller rotating employee teams with enhanced hygiene and cleaning routines
  • Suspended international and domestic business travel.


Our dedicated crisis management team is actively monitoring the situation, including consultation with local authorities and organizations around the world. We will continue to anticipate and adapt to the challenges of COVID-19, to maintain the continuity of our service without compromises on health and safety.


We want to thank our employees for their continued dedication to our customers and the global community. We are incredibly grateful to everyone within the Toppan Merrill community for responding with flexibility, understanding, and commitment. Our purpose of expanding what is possible in the communication of mission-critical content is more relevant now than ever. Together we can overcome.


Toppan Merrill. Expand Possible.


Jeffrey Riback

President of Toppan Merrill US, Canada, EMEA and India


For more information on Toppan Merrill’s business continuity plans, please refer to our COVID-19 FAQ’s below.


Toppan Merrill COVID-19 FAQ’s


Are all Toppan Merrill departments operational?

Yes. Our teams are operational with a combination of work-from-home and office staff as applicable. Every global location has instituted contingency plans recommended by national and local officials.

Our dedicated crisis management team, along with Toppan Merrill’s Leadership Team and key managers from across all locations, including the USA, Canada, EMEA, and India, meet multiple times a day, seven days a week with regards to the safety of our employees and management of the business through the crisis. In addition, we have created smaller working teams to manage the individual needs of different locations throughout our network to address local restrictions.


What steps have you taken to protect employees from COVID-19 in your facilities?

We have instituted several measures to protect employees that are in roles that require them to be in our facilities, such as restrictions against visitors, performing equipment and common area “wipe downs” multiple times per shift, and adjusting work spaces to provide greater distance between work stations. Toppan Merrill employees are required to self-administer and monitor their temperatures, prior to entering offices and facilities.


Is Toppan Merrill experiencing local government issues/restrictions impacting the business?

Under current guidelines, Toppan Merrill’s operations qualify as an essential or critical business. Localized action plans based on each municipality and country are in place as required. We have adjusted schedules to accommodate employee’s safety and meet localized restrictions.


How will you communicate as conditions change in your ability to support customers?

While we do not anticipate any disruptions in our ability to support customers, the situation is very fluid. We believe that the combination of the plans in place coupled with our experienced team will allow all services to continue. We will continue to monitor COVID-19 and take appropriate actions recommended by local, country and public health authorities. Should anything change, we will provide notification directly to impacted customers.


How can we reach you if we have questions?

Clients can communicate as usual through email and telephone. Our service and operations phone numbers are answered 24/7. For general questions, please email [email protected].