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Toppan Merrill EDGAR Services


Toppan Merrill e-Product Service Team

(800) 688-1933

[email protected]


SEC Support – 9:00 am to 5:30 pm Eastern Time

SEC Filer Support

(202) 942-8900

[email protected]

SEC Fee Support

(202) 942-8989

[email protected]
Fax – (703) 914-2754

Request for Copies of Public Documents

Online Form

SEC Division of Corporation Finance

Corporation Finance Request Form for Interpretive Advice and Other Assistance (contact for all of Corporation Finance, unless email is listed)

Online Form

Office of Information Technology
(also includes: filing date adjustments, deleting filngs, corrections to: submission type, file number, and other information in the filing. See SEC guidance for more information)

(202) 551-3600

Office of Chief Counsel

(202) 551-3500

Office of International Corporate Finance

(202) 551-3450

Office of Mergers and Acquisitions

(202) 551-3440

Office of Rulemaking

(202) 551-3430

Office of Enforcement Liason

(202) 551-3420

Office of Investor Education and Advocacy
(Previously referred to as “SEC Public Reference Rooms”)

(202) 551-8090

Office of Small Business Policy

(202) 551-3460
[email protected]

Office of Chief Accountant
Email address for requests for interpretations, waivers and accommodations

(202) 551-3400
[email protected]

Office of Interactive Disclosure (XBRL)

(202) 551-5494
[email protected]

SEC Division of Investment Management

Office of Legal and Disclosure (EDGAR filing questions, except Forms 13-F, N-SAR and 24F-2)

(202) 551-6989
[email protected]

Office of Financial Analysis (Forms N-SAR & 24F-2)

(202) 551-6703
[email protected]

Office of Chief Accountant

(202) 551-6918
[email protected]

Office of Chief Counsel (Public Inquiry, Hedge Funds, Investment Clubs, 13F, N-CSR, N-Q and N-PX)

(202) 551-6865
[email protected]

Office of Insurance Products

(202) 551-6795
[email protected]

Office of Investment Adviser Regulation – Questions about Investment Adviser Registration, Advisor Filings, Form ADV, IARD

(202) 551-6999
[email protected]

Office of Investment Adviser Regulation – Questions about Investment Adviser Rulemaking and Exemptive Applications

(202) 551-6787
[email protected]

Office of Investment Company Regulation (Exemptive Applications)

(202) 551-6821
[email protected]

Office of Investor Education and Advocacy – Questions and Feedback

(202) 551-6551
Online Form

SEC Division of Trading and Markets

Division of Trading and Markets

(202) 551-5777
[email protected]


Electronic Mailboxes at the Commission: https://www.sec.gov/contact/mailboxes.htm

SEC Regional Offices: https://www.sec.gov/page/sec-regional-offices

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SEC Contact Us: https://www.sec.gov/contact.shtml

SEC EDGAR Contact Information: https://www.sec.gov/info/edgar/edgarcontact.htm

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Division of Corporation Finance Actions Regarding EDGAR Filing Date Adjustments,


Continuing Hardship Exemptions, Post Acceptance Corrections, Filing Deletions and Withdrawals, and Other Matters