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ESG Communications – Lessons Learned in 2021/2022

The time has passed for organizations to take a passive approach to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) planning. Now more than ever, investors, employees, communities, business partners, and customers are shining a bright light on companies’ ESG strategies, practices, and performance when deciding where and with whom to partner with or invest in. The increasing adoption of ESG investing poses a threat to organizations that have not developed an ESG strategy.

ESG disclosures are also being tallied – with stakeholders searching for company commitments to ESG through public disclosure of information on a website, sustainability reports, annual reports, or via common rating publications. For the second webinar in our “ESG Emerging Trends” series, a team of industry experts will discuss the lessons learned over the past year as companies determined what avenue of disclosure was best and what may lie ahead as standardized ESG disclosures begin to take a front row seat in proxies and annual reports.