Managing Regulated Documents With Ease

Optimize the creation of your Medicare Advantage communications with industry experts who understand the nuanced approaches necessary to help Payors balance the requirements of plan members for both digital and traditional print distribution.

Eliminate redundancies, maintain consistency, and ensure regulatory compliance with automated and repeatable document creation for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) documents including; Annual Notice of Change (ANOC) and Evidence of Coverage (EOC), Formularies, Pharmacy and Provider Directories and Summary of Benefits.

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Medicare Advantage Sales And Marketing Communications Expertise

A Single Source Of Truth

Toppan Merrill’s expert-enabled technology provides a single source of truth to create engaging, personalized member healthcare communications. From creation to distribution and everything in between, our on-staff experts — combined with innovative technology — can help you with all your omni-channel communication needs so you can get your life back.

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Toppan Merrill’s Member Communications Consultants have an average of 15 years of industry experience in Medicare and Medicaid compliance, CMS and state-regulated communications and benefits data.

Extend your team with high-performing experts providing consistent support year-over-year and reducing the burden on internal staff.


Improve operational efficiencies with our single source of truth, Toppan Merrill Connect®. Innovative dynamic publishing technology and on-staff health insurance experts allow you to simplify the complexities of benefit plan management, PBP data, CMS standardized model documents, and data feed mailings. Improve accuracy and compliance in every document through automation.

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Toppan Merrill Connect’s integrated platform allows you to manage and edit documents in one centralized place. Track your projects in real time, edit recipient data and content, make global changes, proof documents and collaborate with other stakeholders for review and approval, all in one platform.

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Whether you are producing your documents for print or digital distribution to an individual or large mass mailings, Toppan Merrill can help. From email and 508 PDF Compliance to fulfillment and print with inline finishing and robust tracking, Toppan Merrill manages the process from end-to-end. 2D barcodes and real-time production dashboards provide robust tracking capabilities and 100% transparency throughout production. This allows you to confirm on-time delivery and audit-ready reporting regardless of your delivery channel.

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Simply approve content and recipient data and we’ll get it to your members, whether to their mailbox or inbox. Our solution includes eDelivery, ePresentment, Microsites, traditional mailing and SMS text message to communicate with your members according to their preference. Omni-channel delivery means you deliver focused, relevant content personalized to your members from a single source.

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Dashboard Reporting

Whether your goal is revenue, profitability, a competitive edge or all of the above, the best decisions are those informed by data. Understand what content is being used, how members are consuming the data, what delivery channels are performing and what the spend is per member by state and plan in a centralized dashboard. Our insights and analytics provide data visualization to make consumption simple.




An innovative single-source platform, Connect, facilitates seamless transitions from print to electronic communications, with flexible adaptation to ever-changing regulations, markets, and client needs.

Leverage omni-channel solutions for customer acquisition, customer communication, and sales enablement, all with one easy-to-use platform.

Connect helps your team manage regulatory communications securely, and efficiently distribute them to clients.

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Social Determinants of Health and the Impact on Supplemental Benefits (Part 3 of 3)

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Supplemental benefits have a critical impact on Social Determinants of Health (SDOH). These offerings have gained popularity through Medicare Advantage (MA) programs, but their application is not limited to that environment…

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