Annual Meeting & Proxy Statement Consultation Services

A complimentary annual meeting and proxy statement review can help you determine if your company’s processes are as cost-effective and efficient as possible. Toppan Merrill offers a comprehensive review of your process to help you identify strategies to improve overall shareholder connectivity and stay on budget.

As part of the review, we will look at your peer group to share best practices in making your proxy statement more contemporary and easier to read. Plus, our team of experts will provide suggestions on ways to help improve overall shareholder communication and responsiveness.

Our review focuses on five key areas that impact issuers each year

Project management and optimization of timelines

Production and mailing review

Notice and access evaluation

Vendor review

Environmental impact statement evaluation

Mike Spelman

With more than 40 years in the financial print industry and as a recognized thought leader in annual meeting services and solutions, Mike Spelman is the Toppan Merrill Annual Meeting and Proxy Solution Efficiency Expert, specializing in helping companies identify savings and improve shareholder connectivity.

“My role at Toppan Merrill enables me to assist publicly traded companies in eliminating redundancy in services as well as making sound choices regarding effective shareholder communication. Our primary mission is to comply, connect and communicate while reducing their Annual General Meeting budget.”

Project management and timeline

  • Proactively review record, mail and meeting dates, establishing a schedule for mailing hard copies and the Notice of Internet Availability that works for you, not your distribution agents
  • Maintain constant communication with your transfer agent and distribution agent to confirm their understanding of when they are to receive commencement-related materials
  • Establish a timeline for producing and mailing the Notice of Internet Availability forms
  • Help determine the optimal timeline for distribution agents to follow
  • Provide the means to reduce surplus materials by communicating accurate print quantities between record and mail dates
  • Help avoid workflow inefficiencies that impact timeline and delivery schedules

Production and mailing

  • Reduce costs through production and material recommendations that will not compromise the integrity of your documents
  • Identify more cost-effective, efficient methods of mailing full set and notice-only forms
  • Provide layout and format best practices, which often reduces pagination by 10-15%
  • Identify strategies to maximize deliverability while minimizing postage expense
  • Provide best-practice guidance on how to avoid surprises by effectively understanding how the current project’s scope impacts production and mailing costs

Notice and Access

  • Improve shareholder connectivity by focusing on favorable stratification levels for Notice and Access mailing
  • Review process-associated costs to verify that services are necessary and cost-effective
  • Offer a comprehensive understanding of Notice and Access ancillary services and which to accept
  • Demonstrate that Notice and Access, while cost-effective, unlike printing and mailing, is more expensive than voluntary e-delivery

Vendor Review

  • Identify redundancies in services and fees occurring among the transfer agent and the distribution network
  • Ensure received and paid-for services are in line with your objectives in shareholder outreach

Environmental impact statement

  • Identify the current electronic delivery and online voting numbers. Promote the initiative by creating a call-to-action summary within the proxy statement.
  • Quantify the fiscal and environmental impact of electronic delivery
  • Include a prepared, customized statement that illustrates the savings for your investors within the proxy
  • Education to create messaging that informs investors about the compelling reasons to choose e-delivery
  • Recommend strategies to drive investors to your website for easy enrollment in e-delivery and the ability to vote online