SOX Compliance: Take control where it counts

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance is a chaotic, consistent strain on enterprise resources. While internal costs and effort show no sign of decreasing, external compliance costs are on the rise. SOX compliance audits continue to grow more and more complex.

Imagine how it would feel if your auditing process could be simplified with an efficient, transparent, predictable solution. It’s possible.

Simplify SOX Compliance

Time to make the switch

Legacy tools simply weren’t built to handle the rigors of modern SOX compliance.


Toppan Merrill SOX Automation is an intuitive, collaborative SaaS platform that puts you in control, features integrated workflow automation and delivers improved efficiency at every stage.


Decentralized process, infinite problems

SOX compliance strains enterprise resources and increases risk due to the need for project progression visibility, cross-functionality, significant resource dedication, and internal audit crowd-out.


Together, this translates into risks of failure at each SOX program stage gate.

Control Execution


As resources become strained, control executors struggle to know what they are supposed to measure.


Uncertainty grows around precision of execution, compounded by a lack of knowledge regarding the acceptable standard of documentation, while pressure from all sides muddies the purpose of the control.



SOX requirements are always changing, requiring manual updates of information in multiple places.


High user volume increases the incidence of errors, while version control and version history tracking become a nightmare.



With SOX requirements constantly changing, the PCAOB is constantly updating their focus. Results of walkthrough tests may require documentation reworks and test redesigns.


Version control continues to be a significant issue, in addition to lack of adequate evidence of control execution, client delays, cost overruns, missed internal deadlines, and potential delays.

Deficiency Remediation


Accountability becomes an issue, as does gaining and maintaining management consensus as to a remediation plan and timing completion.


While struggling to provide transparency for external auditors, miscommunications naturally run rampant between external and internal auditors, management and control owners.



Minimum internal SOX spend by companies with revenue over $500M


Process level controls at 57% of companies with only 1-3 locations


Of companies increased hours spent on SOX compliance by more than 10% last year


One platform. One source of truth.

Toppan Merrill’s intuitive, collaborative, SaaS solution maintains all business locations, processes, risks and controls. This technology, infused with our 50+ years of industry expertise, creates efficiencies, transparency and predictability of cost.

A Single, End-To-End Solution


Leverage a wholly integrated ecosystem built on SOX rules and business process logic, from control execution through to reporting.


  • Provide progress visibility to every aspect of your SOX program
  • Secure implementation rapidly, regardless of your program’s size or complexity

Real-Time Dashboards and Reporting


Maintain transparency and visibility across your SOX program through a single, integrated, interactive dashboard.


  • Monitor progress with “Create-Your-Own-View” features along with pipeline and management dashboards
  • Meet key internal and external stakeholder requirements with robust reporting features

Integrated Workflow Management Engine


Streamline control execution, documentation, testing, deficiency remediation and review with customizable workflows.


  • Access real-time, 360° reporting and analysis by division, location, department, control, tester, control performer and more
  • Maintain focus with automated notifications and alerts

Smart Tools for Role-Based Permissioning


Facilitate secure communication and collaboration among key stakeholders, both internal and external.


  • Manage visibility and restrict program access by role
  • Customize access through unlimited roles and permission levels

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