Approach SEC reporting and filing with confidence, knowing your disclosures are accurate

Disclosure content management and document preparation is time-consuming and complex, and with continuous SEC rulemaking, including the Inline XBRL (iXBRL) mandate, it’s not getting any easier.

You need a partner with dedicated iXBRL and EDGAR subject matter experts who know exactly what it takes to stay ahead of regulatory disclosure requirements and keep you in compliance. That’s Toppan Merrill.

Simplify SEC Reporting

Time to take control of your regulatory disclosures

Minimize risk with world-class technology solutions backed by the service and subject matter expertise you can trust.


Toppan Merrill’s SEC reporting software, Bridge, is a single, integrated platform infused with 50+ years of financial and regulatory disclosure expertise. Working with us means you are partnering with the experts who know your SEC filing requirements inside, and out.

XBRL Certified Software

Toppan Merrill iXBRL technology is certified and has been validated against SEC requirements.

iXBRL filings

If you are like most companies, XBRL mapping, tagging and validation have added hours of time and layers of complexity to your regulatory disclosure workflow, yet even when you finish, you may not be confident that your filing is accurate.

XBRL expertise is needed to properly tag your financial statements and apply the iXBRL format. When public companies need support with the Securities Act of 1934 requirements, they look to Toppan Merrill.

We have been working with XBRL since 2010 and have a global team with the specialized knowledge and expertise to assist you with your iXBRL filing requirements. With over 2 million XBRL tags applied, our experts are trusted by reporting professionals worldwide.



XBRL consulting hours


Global regulatory filings


Finance and accounting professionals

SEC EDGAR filings

If you’re looking for an end-to-end EDGAR filing solution that guarantees a smooth, hassle-free disclosure process, look no further than Toppan Merrill.

No matter the document format requirements, our SEC EDGAR experts will review and convert them to EDGAR and even integrate XBRL as mandated. With the combination of our proprietary software and global network, you can rest assured your disclosures will be filed on time, every time, with precision and accuracy.

Our expert solution streamlines the filing process for Form 10-K, Form 10-Q, and Form 8-K.

Transform your regulatory disclosure process

Time sensitive. Privacy sensitive. Brand sensitive. Drafting, perfecting and sharing confidential financial documents is a complex process. Securely updating those who need to be informed is mission critical. With Toppan Merrill Bridge™ (Bridge), our seamless SaaS platform, you can revolutionize your ability to take control, work faster and collaborate more fluidly.

Global Expertise

From perfecting disclosure content, the submission of precise filings with global regulatory agencies, to world-class print and digital distribution, no one comes close to Toppan Merrill’s comprehensive offerings. Beyond just the SEC, we work with regulatory bodies worldwide to see what’s visible today and what’s coming tomorrow.

Speed and Precision

Our deep subject matter expertise ensures you meet regulatory deadlines accurately and on time. Avoid document production and filing errors. Increase productivity through automated processes and an end-to-end solution that seamlessly integrates content management, print and on-time delivery.

Leading Solutions

Secured by proven, ironclad protocols, Toppan Merrill maintains the industry’s most rigorous security standards, with best-in-class ISO/IEC 27001 certification. Intuitive technology based on the Microsoft® Office® platform, Bridge, our seamless SaaS solution, gives you complete control over your regulatory disclosure reporting requirements.




Built on the Microsoft® Office® platform, Bridge™ integrates seamlessly and intuitively with the tools you already use, unlocking full control, collaboration and confidence to meet global regulatory disclosure requirements. Bridge streamlines the process with superior speed, security and accuracy.

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