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Virtual Shareholder Meetings … Hit or Miss?

Join our live webinar and hear our panelists discuss the pros and cons of holding virtual meetings with an eye on overall shareholder participation. Following this discussion, our proxy expert, Mike Spelman, will review the pros and cons of Notice & Access and help you identify if it is beneficial or harmful to your shareholder connectivity.

Discussion Topics

  1. Expert discussion on the future of virtual shareholder meetings.
  2. Shareholder activists … do they really have a voice?
  3. Ensuring investors are heard.
  4. The impact of virtual shareholder meetings on contested proxies.
  5. Technology advancements are improving virtual shareholder meetings.


Mike Spelman
Director of Business Development, Proxy Solutions, Toppan Merrill

Cindy Blumhardt
Assistant Director, Investment Relations, Principal Financial Group

Bruce Goldfarb
Founder, President and CEO, Okapi Partners

Karen Fisher
Proxy Advisory Services Consultant, Toppan Merrill