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Built on the Microsoft® Office® platform, Bridge integrates seamlessly and intuitively with the tools you already use to make disclosure content management for SEC and global regulatory filings easier, faster and more accurate.

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SEC Connect

Easily manage a variety of form types in one web-based platform, including Section 16 (Forms 3, 4, and 5), Schedule 13D and 13G, Form 13F, Form D, Form 144 and more.

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SOX Automation

Expert technology that maintains all business locations, processes, risks and controls in a single platform, providing full visibility to your overall SOX program.

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Control Center

An intuitive platform to manage the entire program and document lifecycle from data to distribution using real-time dashboards and digital tools.

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Content Control

A powerful content management platform that transforms complex information into seamless communications.

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Provides seamless, omni-channel digital and print communications that meet security and compliance requirements.

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