Control Center

Toppan Merrill Control Center is a powerful platform for managing the entire compliant communications document lifecycle from data to distribution. Control Center streamlines the challenge of administering multiple communication programs that require inputs from disparate sources, static and variable content and rules-based logic to produce recipient specific communications.

From data to distribution

Control Center offers intuitive digital tools allowing you to preview any data element, such as state or product, to ensure accuracy before publishing for print or e-distribution. Batch reconciliation and program status at the order shipment level, including carrier tracking data, delivered through integrated, real-time dashboards.


Production Dashboard

View every process step status to the recipient level

  • Real-time workflow updates
  • Order information detail

Ad-Hoc Print and Mail

Streamline and centralize ad-hoc project requests and communication through a single, secure portal.

  • Communication visibility throughout the job lifecycle
  • Integrated, form-based communication for job details and custom quotes


Data Mapper

Onboard your data in minutes

  • Self-service configuration
  • Rules-based validation
  • Multiple delimiters and file types support
  • Customizable validation error messages

Document Composition

Supporting static and variable content templates.

  • Subject matter expert support for each step of data composition
  • Logic driven content management
  • Create multiple versions from one source
  • Shared content across multiple documents

Document Collaboration

Multi-user, simultaneous, real-time document collaboration

  • Track document review approval status
  • Capture complete audit history
  • Enhance version control check-in and check-out features
  • Inline annotations and @mention commenting

ADA Compliance

Ensure 508/ADA compliance through specific testing protocols which validate and remediate electronic communications

  • Enhanced search through document tagging and remediation services
  • Scalable service team


Simultaneous document translations from English master

  • 100+ languages supported
  • Back and machine translation
  • Terminology management and translation memory


Composed document review and approval at the recipient level

  • Filtering tools for ease of document review
  • Source file access for review
  • Batch release selected approved documents


e-Campaign Management

Digital communications driven by recipient engagement

  • Live contact repository updated with user interaction like unsubscribe, print and bounces by Toppan Merrill.
  • Follow-on communications based on digital engagement


Personalized / digital notifications

  • ADA compliant
  • Secure / anonymous access
  • Review capabilities for specific document versions
  • Kit access on landing pages


Reporting and Analytics

Transparency to relevant key performance indicators and other important data points

  • Secure, on-demand access to report library
  • Quickly access important data sets
  • Automated report updating
  • Access carrier tracking data
  • Report customizations


Compliant archival of all delivered communications

  • Retention and automated disposition
  • WORM storage and FINRA compliant
  • Search / faceting for ease of retrieval

Productivity unlocked.

4,500+ Concurrent sessions
1.1M+ Sessions annually
3.2M+ Member records managed
4,000+ Direct data feeds every month

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