Trust Center

Welcome to the Toppan Merrill Trust Center. Explore the essentials of what sets Toppan Merrill apart as we guide industry leaders through complex regulatory disclosure filings and regulated communications requirements.

Explore the ways we put the protection of our clients’ data as our top priority.

Legal Compliance and Privacy

Toppan Merrill adheres to range of applicable laws and regulations based on the diverse industries within which our clients operate.

Information Security

Toppan Merrill is committed to securing information assets to which it has been entrusted. As part of the Toppan Merrill’s general information risk management strategy and commitment to customer demands, Toppan Merrill has developed, implemented, maintains, and continually improves an ISO:27001 based Information Security Management System (“ISMS”), to manage risk to these
information assets.

Physical Security

Toppan Merrill takes an aggressive stance on physical security at our locations and is backed by the strength of ISMS ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification.

Human Resources

Toppan Merrill and our employees are defined by a commitment to personal integrity and ethical business practices. We expect the highest standard of personal and professional behavior and our policies, practices, standards, and code of conduct set forth these expectations and provides a framework for security awareness.