Health Plans Member Communications

Optimize the creation of your health plan's member communications with industry experts who understand the nuanced approaches necessary to help payors balance the requirements of plan members for both digital and traditional print distribution.

Proactive adaptation to constant regulatory changes by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) are backed by unmatched member communications experts. Let Toppan Merrill’s expertise, superior service and leading management software for mandated member communications work with you to build your customized health insurance needs for your Medicare Advantage members from Annual Notice of Change (ANOC), Evidence of Coverage (EOC) and Summary of Benefits (SB).

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Member Communication Solutions

Marketing Materials

How you attract members and explain details about your plans benefits available to them are important. Being able to bring those materials to a member through the methods they demand are key and we can help.

Annual Notice of Change and Evidence of Coverage Models

Solutions that manage and update your CMS model documents with yearly changes and last-minute CMS updates to ensure compliance and simplify proofing.

Member ID Cards

Create personalized ID cards that are customized to the plan and data driven with our automated composition tools, employing document automation that connects business rules with member and client specific data.

Summary of Benefits

Utilize PBP data to ensure consistency with ANOC and EOC while keeping your design, style and branding.

Welcome Kits

Welcome kits are a starting point for educating new members on how to use their health coverage. From creation to distribution, each individual member will get a personalized experience.

Letters and Notices

Keeping members informed with all of the necessary communications that are required for health plans can be daunting. You’re managing content, securing approvals and have tight SLAs. Partner with us to streamline your content.


Simplify monthly and yearly updates for Formularies and Pharmacy and Provider Directories by utilizing dynamic templates that are driven by your business rules.

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Why Toppan Merrill

Let Toppan Merrill help to eliminate redundancies, ensure consistency, and maintain compliance to health plan members’ communications with automated and repeatable document creation. We partner with you so you can master the ever-changing complexity of regulated communications and personalize your member’s journey.

Content Management

  • Ingest and manage data and content from disparate sources​
  • Document templating and data mapping based on recipient suitability and entitlements​
  • Variable data content management​
  • Online content and document review and approval
  • Document hosting and interactive microsites to support e-Delivery​
  • Transparency provided throughout the document lifecycle through a client enabled dashboard​
  • Solutions that support 508/ADA compliance and translations​
  • Document archiving and retrieval

Distribution and Fulfillment

  • Print and e-Delivery platform with bounce-to-print capabilities to ensure full compliance​
  • Integrity manufacturing supporting “zero defect” production and distribution​
  • CASS and NCOA certification ensure mailing efficiency

Service and Program Management

  • Dedicated account support that is an extension of your team​
  • Real time production and distribution-based reporting

Expertise that matters

99.23% SLA performance
3.2M+ Member records managed
97 Net Promoter Score

Updates and Insights

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“We were able to quickly and easily add nearly one million members to our network without risking compliance of our member communications. Toppan Merrill was quickly engaged in identifying and documenting state healthcare requirements and was able to easily execute on welcome kits, ID cards and more without jeopardizing the rest of the work in-house.”
VP, Marketing Operations

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What is Annual Notice of Change (ANOC)

ANOC is an acronym for the Annual Notice of Change, a document sent to members of a Medicare Advantage Plan to announce important changes to an existing plan for the coming plan year. The ANOC summarizes changes in the plan’s costs and coverage that will take effect Jan. 1 of the following year. For employer group plans, the changes will take effect at the beginning of the group’s plan year, which sometimes varies from the traditional calendar year. The ANOC provides timely updates to changes in plan benefits, to support members’ plan evaluations when considering a change or to stay enrolled with their current plan. For support and additional information, explore our solutions for Health Plans Regulated Communications.

The Evidence of Coverage is a document delivered by a health plan to its members each year, for Medicare Advantage or Part D plans. The EOC provides comprehensive plan details for the plan year such as benefits information, out of pocket costs, a member’s rights and responsibilities and tips on a plan’s operations including how to file for an appeal. The EOC also provides contact information for regulatory and state departments, as well as contact information for the plan’s customer service and other internal areas. For support and additional information, explore our solutions for Health Plans Regulated Communications.

What is the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) document? 

Specific to plans offered under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) is a required document based on a model template issued by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to outline in plain language information about each health plan’s benefits and coverage. This document serves as a standardized health plan comparison tool with coverage examples similar to the Nutrition Facts label required for packaged goods. These examples illustrate how the insurer would cover care for common benefits scenarios. The SBC is not to be confused with the Summary of Benefits document, which is required for Medicare Advantage and Part D plans, and other plans subject to the Medicare Communications and Marketing guidelines. For support and additional information, explore our solutions for Health Plans Regulated Communications.

What is Section 508 Compliance? 

As part of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act, Section 508 outlines responsibilities for access to people with disabilities. According to Section 508 guidelines, federal agencies and their contractors are required to make public documents accessible to people with physical, sensory or cognitive disabilities. This includes companies that provide goods and services to federal agencies and contractors, including healthcare providers and software companies. Overlooking this requirement has serious consequences for companies that work with federal agencies or contractors. Health plans that fail to include accessible documentation may be found non-compliant under U.S. law, incurring penalties for the responsible companies. As a result, Section 508 compliance has emerged as a primary concern in preparation of PDF documentation intended for public release. For support, explore our ADA solutions.