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Toppan Merrill is committed to simplifying the complexity of regulated disclosure and regulated communications requirements

Advancing business. Expanding possible. Toppan Merrill.

1.2M+ global regulatory filings
62K+ annual SEC filings
9.8 / 10 Net Promoter Score
2,200+ global employees
200+ finance and accounting professionals
55+ business partnership years

A trusted global business partner.

Innovating with purpose.

We are a global leader committed to simplifying the process of regulatory disclosure and regulated communications for clients around the world.

Simply, our global teams provide industry-leading technology and service expertise to help and support our financial and healthcare clients as they create required business communications for capital market transactions, regulatory disclosure filings, shareholder and member communications, and sustainability reporting.

Member of the Canada Toppan Merrill team.

55+ years of technology and service expertise

Founded in 1968 in St. Paul, MN, Merrill Corporation has served the financial and legal industries with leading technology and subject matter expertise.

In 2018, two divisions of Merrill Corporation were acquired by Toppan Vintage and became Toppan Merrill. We are part of a Toppan Next, a global company focused on excellence, diversity and sustainability.

Today, our employees and teams are based in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and India. We support clients in the financial, healthcare and election services industries through leading technology and service excellence.

Toppan Merrill is committed to our clients and industries, and our global and local communities. At Toppan Merrill we celebrate unique, innovative and highly skilled individuals. Our employees serve others in their communities in alignment with their values. Toppan Merrill encourages this service with paid diversity and community engagement time.

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