Effectively managing omni-channel communication activities (pre-and-post sale, sales enablement assets, sales kits, promotional items, videos, podcasts, illustrations, microsites and campaign management) to multiple distribution channels is mission critical for sales and marketing organizations.

Toppan Merrill Storefront is an end-to-end, intuitive ordering platform supporting both personalized and static content, with integrated rules-based management, fully supporting regulatory requirements and mitigating compliance risk. Enhanced analytical reporting puts real-time visibility of your program at your fingertips with the information needed to successfully manage your program.


Responsive Design

User friendly navigation with robust full text search capabilities to quickly locate materials

Compliance Maintained

Revision, version and access control features ensure content updates are made in real time ensuring accuracy and reducing risk.

Insights and Intelligence

Discover the robust business intelligence suite delivering valuable insights into interactions and consumption of sales teams communications.

CRM Integration

Seamless round trip API integration with CRMs including order details and tracking

ADA Compliance

Websites in compliance with WCAG 2.1 standards and documents ensure accessibility for all.

Automated Reorder Points

Preset automated reorder flags that automatically replace inventory when a specific level is reached.

Why Toppan Merrill

Self-service item and kit administration

  • Set and control item attribution to drive what is visible and can be ordered.​
  • Drives your website content and reporting​
  • Revision, version and access control features ensure content updates are made in real time ensuring accuracy and reducing risk.

Personalized and static content

  • Add a personal touch to sales materials by allowing sales teams to personalize materials with a simple interface that can prepopulate marketing assets with their photos, logos and contact info as well as customize them for specific clients and plans according to your guidelines.​​
  • Allows sales teams to personalize sales materials without involving marketing resources.​
  • The self-serve tool allows marketing departments to make content changes quickly and easily​

Physical print and e-Delivery

  • Integrated tools allow distribution delivery preference. 
  • Upload lists for seamless connection to direct-mail programs.​

Rules based program management

  • Control which materials different sales teams can order and set quantity limits.​
  • An Intuitive user experience provides users with dynamic navigation, enhanced full text search and filtering capabilities to quickly locate materials.

Real-time analytics

  • A web-based business intelligence suite delivering valuable data and insight into the interaction and consumption of sales and marketing team communications.

Productivity unlocked.

300,000+ Active users
99.97% Uptime
99.23% SLA performance

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