Content Control

Inefficient management of shared content and variable data across multiple documents is cumbersome and time consuming. Add in the challenges of navigating iXBRL tagging and SEC compliance and you have a complex process that can be difficult for any organization to manage.

Toppan Merrill Content Control is a powerful content management platform giving users the ability to easily identify and manage shared and variable content across documents, bringing efficiency to document creation and regulatory compliance.

Transforming complex content into compliant communications

Content Management

Content components are the foundation of documents. A content component can be a single number or a table, a sentence or group of paragraphs, an image or chart, or even another document.

  • Establish document structure to ensure consistent output.
  • Single click access and visibility to the use of shared content across documents.
  • Integrated version control and change commenting.
  • Audit tracking history
  • Integrated business rules & logic
    • Apply your business, style and presentation rules across all documents or manage individual document content components

Required Document Types

Content Control generates required document and output types, stylized to meet brand requirements, with a single click:

  • SEC compliant EDGAR HTML
  • iXBRL tagged content
  • PDF for electronic and print distribution
  • Web hosting
  • ADA compliant

Trust and expertise that matters.

97 Net Promoter Score
5M+ XBRL tags applied annually
100M+ Communications sent annually

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