To access you must have a valid EDGAR Filing Password. EDGAR Filing Passwords expire annually. See instructions for resetting EDGAR Filing Codes here. Contact e-support at 800-688-1933 or [email protected] with questions.

Payments via may only be submitted during EDGAR operating hours, Monday – Friday 6 am – 10 pm ET.

  • EDGAR balances are updated
    • Between 1-3 business days for ACH payments
    • Within 24 hours for Credit and Debit card payments

Send Filing Fees Using

  1. Access the EDGAR Filing Website:
  2. Enter any valid CIK and Password
  3. Click ‘Login to EDGAR’
  4. Click ‘Submit Filing Fee Payment’

  5. Enter the required information:
    1. Payor CIK (the EDGAR account to be funded)
    2. Payor CCC (CIK Confirmation Code for the CIK above)
    3. Payment Amount
    4. Contact Information
      1. Name
      2. Email
      3. Phone
  6. Click ‘Next’