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12 Years After the SEC Mandate. Has it All Been Worth it?

Over 10,000 companies have filed financial statements in XBRL, disclosing over 2.0 billion discrete financial facts, since the XBRL mandate in 2009. Join our panel of industry experts as they discuss the realized benefits and future potential of XBRL for companies, investors, and the SEC.  1.0 CPE Credit Available.

Topics include: 

  • The increasing visibility and importance of DERA at the SEC. 
  • Advantages of iXBRL for producers and consumers of XBRL data and the SEC.  
  • How does Text Block tagging benefit data consumers. 
  • XBRL data quality remains a primary focus of DERA and the SEC.  
  • The emergence of XBRL in other regulatory filings (FERC, ESEF). 
  • Case study of how XBRL was critical to uncover unintended consequences of the Tax provisions in the Cares Act.