What is SEC Form N-SAR?

Registered investment management companies use SEC Form N-SAR to disclose information about fund operations and portfolio holdings. Filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on a semi-annual basis, the form protects investors by providing basic information to help them choose a company to trust with their investments.

In compliance with Section 30 of the Investment Company Act of 1940, Form N-SAR provides some detail on an investment management company’s leadership, advisors, underwriters and affiliations. In addition, it gives financial information also included in a company’s annual or semi-annual shareholder reports, such as sales of shares, portfolio turnover rate, income and expenses and total assets and income distributions per securities type. The Act eliminated the requirement that a registered investment company’s principal executive and financial officers certify Form N-SAR.

Form N-SAR is filed using the EDGAR computer system for the receipt, acceptance, review and dissemination of documents submitted in electronic format to the SEC. For support and additional information, explore our investment company compliance solutions.