SEC Regulation C

What is SEC Regulation C?

SEC Regulation C implements the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) of 1975. It’s intended to provide the public with information on whether lending institutions, such as banks, savings associations, credit unions and other mortgage-lending institutions, are serving prospective buyers with the housing credit needed in the communities where the institutions are located.

HMDA and Regulation C came about in response to public concern over credit shortages in, and the subsequent decline of, certain geographic areas. The regulation is also intended to help public officials appropriately distribute public investments from the private sector to areas where funding is needed. And it’s also aimed at helping identify discriminatory lending activities.

Institutions providing mortgages that are government-backed must file disclosure reports on an annual basis that include the quantity and dollar amounts of all mortgages provided. Lending institutions with total assets that fall below $10 million are exempt from Regulation C. For support and additional information, explore our SEC reporting solutions.