What if you could enhance synergy between sales and marketing with a single solution?

Build better relationships with your target audience by leveraging the comprehensive benefits of our unified sales and marketing tool. A single source of truth, this enterprise solution allows sales and marketing teams to enhance their ability to collaborate while maintaining their independence and ability to proactively pursue their own goals.

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Minimize barriers, maximize revenue

Imagine capturing leads more effectively, improving engagement of customers and prospects, and orchestrating engaging buying experiences, at scale, to generate revenue.

Our solution, Toppan Merrill Connect®, provides an integrated platform for marketing and sales teams. From creation through distribution, you can scale and grow with your organization, reducing internal resource burden and risk of non-compliance.

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Document Creation and Management

Marketing departments can automate document creation, manage and distribute content from a single source, and ensure collaboration between compliance and sales. From sales collateral to regulated mailings we provide an integrated solution that organizes the content and streamlines processes to create efficiencies throughout the process.

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Sales Enablement

Our online storefront provides an easy-to-use single platform to store and distribute marketing and sales collateral and promotional items to communicate with your customers. Sales teams can easily personalize their documents so they are relevant to their customers and compliant with regulatory and brand requirements.

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Toppan Merrill Connect solution offers an end-to-end platform that offers both print and digital solutions for all your sales and marketing communication needs within one system. This allows your teams to engage with stakeholders with the right content, in the right channel, at the right time.

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Printing, Fulfillment and Distribution

We offer complete in-house digital and commercial printing capabilities, including full-color print production, prepress, bindery, imprinting and packaging. By utilizing an end-to-end print management solution that combines print and mail services under one roof, Toppan Merrill can help reduce overall costs by streamlining the production-through-delivery channel.

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Marketing solution

Organize content, streamline distribution and eliminate redundancies while maintaining accuracy and compliance in a single solution. Our solution, Toppan Merrill Connect, features document automation that connects with your business rules, brand templates and content. This platform provides a central location for teams to simultaneously review and approve proofs rather than exchanging never-ending emails back and forth.

Engage your customers and sales channels when and where they want to consume information with flexible omnichannel distribution options that provide:

Integrated solution: Distribute your communications across sellers and stakeholders in the channels you choose, whether digital or print, all in one platform.

Enterprise collaboration: Collaborate across the enterprise with real-time document review and approval to ensure content is accurate and compliant.

Content accuracy and relevancy: Real-time data and content components that automatically update all materials where the content is found and generate fully compliant documents even if they’ve already been distributed by your sales team.

Informed business decisions: Insights to inform business decisions use print and electronic data around content usage, channel efficacy and consumption.

Omnichannel Communications

Printing Services

Document Creation and Management

Document Remediation Services

Fulfillment and Distribution

Sales solution

Empower your sales team with relevant, personalized content to drive more successful sales interactions, increase win rates, shorten sales cycles and reach higher revenue targets.

With Toppan Merrill Connect you’ll enable your sales team with:

Single-platform access: Provides your internal and external sales teams with easy access to print and digital sales collateral that allows for easy search and personalization whether in the office or the field.

Personalized communications: Allow customized points of contact with newsletters, campaign templates, proposals, plan information, event materials, etc. Simply select the recipients, personalize, and distribute instantly by email, mail or download.

Real-time reporting: Provides insights into immediate interactions with your content and what resonates with your buyers to create more productive sales conversations.

Compliance and suitability controls: Grant access to content and collateral at a department or individual level along with quantity limits, to ensure compliance and budget adherence.

Omnichannel Communications

Sales Enablement/Storefront




Our innovative single-source platform, Connect, facilitates seamless transitions from print to electronic communications, with flexible adaptation to ever-changing regulations, markets and client needs.


Leverage omnichannel solutions for customer acquisition, customer communication, and sales enablement, all with one easy-to-use platform.


Connect helps your team manage regulatory communications securely, and efficiently distribute them to clients.

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You may think you are working efficiently, however just a few gaps in your process may be reducing the amount of work you can get done in a period of time. Toppan Merrill’s end-to-end solution, Connect, transforms your marketing and compliance asset management workflow…


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Centralization and Automation to Propel Your Business Forward

With Toppan Merrill Connect Storefront, marketing departments can control, update and filter all marketing assets from a single workbench, ensuring that all branding and compliance standards are met.

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Holding Company Reduced Fixed Costs 78%

Through their partnership with Toppan Merrill, the company has streamlined processes, realigned internal resources, significantly reduced fixed costs and obtained a more transparent view of overall operating expenses.

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