Increase efficiency, accuracy and speed to market

The constant risk of error. Scrambling to keep up with regulatory changes. High levels of burnout. Working in marketing and product management requires you to face real daily challenges. That’s why Toppan Merrill focuses on providing a real solution.

Transform the way you work

Our Dynamic Publishing solution for health insurance will:

  • Optimize the creation of your Medicare Advantage communications
  • Provide total support via on-staff, industry experts
  • Manage data consistency across documents

It’s the only solution in the market that offers you a single source of truth backed by on-staff industry experts.

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Simplicity and adaptability

Our Dynamic Publishing solution eliminates redundancies, ensures consistency, and maintains compliance with automated and repeatable document creation — all backed by communication experts who know your business.

Standardized model materials and other communications we support:

Annual Notice of Change (ANOC) and Evidence of Coverage (EOC)

Toppan Merrill manages and updates the CMS model documents with yearly changes and last-minute CMS updates to ensure compliance and simplify proofing.

Formularies, Pharmacy and Provider Directories

Simplify monthly and yearly updates by utilizing dynamic templates that are driven by your business rules.

Summary of Benefits

Utilize PBP data to ensure consistency with ANOC and EOC while keeping your design, style and branding.

Industry expertise

Our Member Communication Consultants have an average of 15 years of healthcare industry experience and have direct experience with marketing documents, CMS regulated communications, and dynamic publishing. They quickly become an extension of your team as a trusted partner who provides a constant, year-over-year.

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CMS Model Document Library

No need to start over every year or scramble with last-minute model language changes. CMS model documents are managed and updated in one system, taking the responsibility for document compliance off your team and onto Toppan Merrill.

Optimized Content Management

Control your data and content to ensure that your mandated member communications can be quickly updated, reviewed and published. Manage PBP Data in a single repository and share across documents to help with consistency and compliance across plans and documents.

Powerful Document Assembly

Eliminate the need to engage internal IT resources, reduce the risk of manual mistakes in data and content, and significantly reduce the number of templates needed for your plans with Connect.

Integrated Translations

Our highly skilled translations professionals with expertise in more than 125 languages will give you confidence that your document translations will be accurate and relevant. Spanish translation of ANOC and EOC happens simultaneously so your Spanish versions are ready within days of your English versions.

Unified 508 PDF Compliance

Ensure all document outputs are fully compliant with Section 508 and 1557 including remediation. With Connect, 508 PDF compliance is built into the workflow, giving you a single source solution to ensure efficient time to market.

Simplified Proofing

Avoid the headache and compliance risk of trying to manage multiple versions of a document. Online document review and approval allows multiple reviewers to mark up and comment directly onto a document simultaneously using intuitive annotation and comment tools.

Real-time Dashboard

Experience transparency in the status of your projects. The real-time dashboard allows collaboration across teams, reviewers and multi-level approvers providing a universal view of all proofs in progress along with notifications and reminders.

Robust Reporting

Approach auditing with confidence knowing that document review and approval creates an audit trail of every comment and change at a proof and master level. This provides complete transparency into number of rounds of proofs, which groups reviewed, approved and the length of the entire process.

Year-round Change Management

Eliminate manual note-keeping and manage changes between plan years and regulatory updates with ease. Connect makes it easy to make updates within the system anytime throughout the year, preparing you for your next set of revisions.




Our innovative single-source platform, Connect, facilitates seamless transitions from print to electronic communications, with flexible adaptation to ever-changing regulations, markets and client needs.


Leverage omnichannel solutions for customer acquisition, customer communication and sales enablement, all with one easy-to-use platform.


Connect helps your team manage regulatory communications securely and efficiently distribute them to clients.

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