FEDWIRE Instructions

This Filing Fee FEDWIRE Payment Template Can Help You Avoid Unnecessary Filing Delays

If a wire transfer of SEC filing fees does not contain the required information in the proper format, the acceptance of your filing could be delayed. It is critical that you provide to your sending bank or wire transfer service all required information – including the payor’s SEC-assigned CIK (Central Index Key) and the U.S. Treasury account number designated for SEC filers. To receive proper credit, this information must be inserted in the proper fields as well as in the proper format.

Filing Fee FEDWIRE Payment template 

To help facilitate this process, we encourage you to use the SEC’s pre-populated Filing Fee FEDWIRE Payment Template​.

Instructions for using the template:

Enter the following information on page 1 of the PDF:

  • Contact Information
  • Ten digit CIK (do not enter any additional information)
  • Company Name and Address
  • Bank Information
  • Payment Amount

The information entered is then populated on page 2 of the PDF, along with the SEC’s Account Information necessary for the FEDWIRE transfer. Send page 2 of the PDF to the bank to initiate the FEDWIRE transfer.

For more information on SEC filing fee payment options, please refer to the SEC Payment Options webpage and select the “Filing Fee Registrants” payee type.​

Note: The SEC Payment Options posted to sec.gov instruct you to login to EDGAR using your CIK and Password to retrieve the account numbers for FEDWIRE transfers. All the applicable account numbers required to complete your FEDWIRE transfer are located in the Filing Fee FEDWIRE Payment Template. You do not need to login to EDGAR to access the SEC account numbers.

The SEC does not accept SWIFT Payments. See SEC FAQ​, Question 3. 

For any fee related questions please contact the SEC Fee Unit at 202-551-8900, Option 1.