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Annual Meeting and Shareholder Communications Best Practices

Whether you have 20 years of experience in planning your annual meeting, or it is your first, our Proxy Experts will help guide you on solutions that impact shareholder connectivity while adhering to your budget. In this webinar, we will cover four key areas: 

  • Timeline Development: Guidance on how to manage the process internally before submitting it for drafting and production to help keep expenses under control. 
  • Vendor Management: Consult on the scope of services and responsibilities for the various vendors, including recommendations on what services are valuable or ineffective in your efforts to connect with your investors and improve support for managements proposals. 
  • Shareholder Communications: Recommendations on the most favorable and cost-effective methods of shareholder communications with a close eye on areas where shareholder counts could have a negative impact on your budget, especially those held through Robinhood. 
  • Shareholder Participation: Direction on a strategic outline to help drive online voting and electronic delivery. 

Everyone who attends the webinar will walk away from it with impactful annual meeting and shareholder communications best practices and a complimentary 30-minute consultation which will be based on your schedule.