How to choose the best financial printer for an IPO

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A key driver to a successful IPO is the assembling of the best working team. Within that working team, the financial printer plays a pivotal role in the production of prospectuses. To select the best financial printer, there are three main qualities that should be assessed. They are a financial printer’s IPO experience, confidentiality and translation capabilities.

The number of successful IPO listings is a good indicator of a financial printer’s experience with supporting IPOs. The more seasoned a financial printer is in handling different types of IPO transactions, the more likely it can cope with the different circumstances that a dynamic business environment can give rise to.

Expertise really can make a difference

Having sufficient experience also means that a financial printer can better work with other parties. As we have mentioned before, undertaking an IPO involves many different working parties. Therefore, to maximize the likelihood of a successful IPO application, the financial printer of your choice needs to be able to cater to the needs and wants of all involved parties.

Better safe than sorry

The second quality that you should consider when choosing a financial printer is the level of security and confidentiality that it offers. A lot of material information relating to an IPO is consolidated by the financial printer, hence ensuring that your financial printer can maintain a high level of confidentiality is vital. In order to do this, you should seek out printers that are appropriately certified, such as those who possess the ISO27001, Certification of Information Security Management System.

Biliteracy and Trilingualism

Last but not least is the financial printer’s translation capability. This requirement has been increasingly more important in recent years. For prospectuses, English is no doubt imperative but Chinese has become more relevant than ever due to the growing number of Chinese companies seeking to be listed in Hong Kong. Prompt and quality translation is critical so that information can be conveyed clearly in order for investors of all background to share the same vision.

A strong indicator of a financial printer’s translation capability is the number of translators they have in-house as this often determines their capacity and ability to handle new projects. Another effective way to determine a printer’s translation skill is to request a translation glossary for a specific industry. This list of English and translated Chinese terms will show the printer’s experience relevant to the industry and quality of their work.

Making the right choice

A good financial printer is integral to the successful listing of a company. It is important to assess each option with prudence and care in order to achieve the outcome envisioned. Toppan Merrill is a full-service SEC filing agent and financial printer supporting every type of in-house specialist need the job requires, with the experience of decades of annually handling thousands of SEC filings. For more information, visit You may also reach us via or 800.688.4400.

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