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Backed by 50+ years of expertise in annual meeting and proxy production management, our experts will review your process and materials to uncover ways to enhance your unique shareholder communication requirements.

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During the most recent proxy season, companies that engaged Toppan Merrill’s consultation experts realised thousands of dollars in savings while uncovering ways to upgrade their design and messaging to communicate a more effective story.


The Toppan Merrill consultation will address:


Flexible, Adaptable Expertise

Toppan Merrill’s annual meeting and proxy solutions are built through our time-tested, consultative approach. This approach is proven to save time, money and minimize impact to workflow.

Coupled with cutting-edge design expertise, industry-leading print capabilities and multi-channel distribution, we can expand what’s possible with your annual meeting and proxy solutions.



Produce & File




Produce & File


Custom Consultation

The foundation of your consultation will begin as our experts gain a comprehensive understanding of your current annual meeting and proxy process. In doing so, relevant best practices and peer-group trends are identified and incorporated into a plan that’s customised to meet your needs.


As inefficiencies in your processes are exposed during this time, you will be provided with solutions that align with your corporate objectives and ensure you’re in compliance with SEC requirements.

Style Guide

To meet the demands of shareholders, your annual meeting and proxy process needs to evolve to increase shareholder participation and effectively communicate corporate objectives and values. Whether it is the CD&A or ESG related topics such as Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Human Capital, COVID-19 impacts or Climate Change, our design and advisory team presents best practices along with peer group comparisons to improve proxy presentation, messaging, and effectiveness. Modernise your proxy content and design with first-rate document presentation, updated designs, and interactive web-based options.

Expert Support

Planning for an annual shareholder meeting is a daunting, multi-faceted task. You’re juggling proxy statements and annual reports, shareholder mailings, meeting venues … and you never have enough time, help or budget.


Toppan Merrill’s consultants and solutions experts help you to plan the annual meeting and coordinate all vendors in the preparation and delivery of shareholder materials. Rely on the experts to plan, print, file and distribute, all in one place.




With the Bridge platform, you can simplify proxy and annual reporting, enhance proxy communication documents and achieve higher voter returns – all without sacrificing control. Bridge technology makes it easy for clients to draft, edit and perfect their own proxy statements and EDGAR filings via a SaaS platform. From document creation and traditional typesetting through print, mail, fulfilment and XBRL and EDGAR filing, you have total control of the proxy creation process from start to finish.

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