Draft, Perfect And
File Your Regulatory Disclosures With Ease, Speed And Accuracy.

In a world where deadlines are tight, errors lead to serious consequences, and keeping up with regulations can feel like chasing a moving target, you need a partner to ease the burden. That partner is Toppan Merrill. We work with you at every stage of the reporting and filing process, keeping you ahead of the ever-changing rules and ensuring regulatory compliance.

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When public companies need support with the requirements of the 1934 Securities Act, they look no further than Toppan Merrill and our 50+ years of experience and expertise. As one of the original adopters and testers of the EDGAR system in 1984 and the XBRL program in 2010, Toppan Merrill is uniquely qualified to help manage your EDGAR and iXBRL filing requirements.

Customers around the world count on us for our:

  • SEC filing expertise
  • Flexibility
  • Speed and accuracy
  • Global network
  • Forward-thinking technology
  • Unwavering commitment to service

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iXBRL For ESEF Filings

With Toppan Merrill, staying on top of ESEF filings has never been easier. Our SaaS platforms generate precise xHTML and iXBRL compliant outputs to meet all your ESMA (ESEF) filing requirements, while maintaining ongoing compliance with IFRS taxonomies.

  • XBRL consulting and mapping
  • iXBRL instance document creation
  • Global regulatory filings

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SEDAR Filings

The challenges associated with regulatory filings can be complex. And with the Canadian Security Administrators (CSA) increasing disclosure requirements, it is not getting any easier – at least, not until you team up with Toppan Merrill to manage and deliver all your SEDAR requirements – in compliance and on time. Every time.

  • Flexible tools that allow documents to be received in any format or language
  • Software technology to easily convert and reformat documents into standard SEDAR format
  • Integrated intelligence to detect potential filing problems
  • Validated filings transmitted directly to the designated securities commissions
  • Efficient, seamless and simultaneous SEDAR and EDGAR filing services
  • Experienced staff ready to assist with your regulatory requirements

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Section 16 Filings

Managing Section 16 filings can be a time-consuming and daunting process, especially if your company manages a large number of filings.

Companies are simplifying the entire Section 16 process through Toppan Merrill’s SEC Connect SaaS solution. Draft, format, perfect and file Forms 3, 4 and 5 with speed, airtight security and 100% accuracy.

  • Integrated footnote library
  • Schedule filings for future dates and times
  • Collaborate with all users within the system

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Automated SOX Compliance

Staying on top of SOX compliance is a massive undertaking—one that can strain your company’s resources and ultimately increase the risk of error.

Those challenges and concerns are completely eliminated with Toppan Merrill’s SOX Automation platform. Combining advanced technology with deep expertise, this solution brings all business locations, processes, risks and controls together into a single, intuitive, collaborative SaaS solution.

  • Single, end-to-end solution
  • Integrated workflow management engine
  • Real-time dashboards and reporting
  • Smart tools for role-based permissioning

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Toppan Merrill Bridge™ provides the document-editing and content-management features of Microsoft® Word and powerful data-management capabilities of Microsoft® Excel® (with enhanced data-linking).


These capabilities are tightly integrated into a team-based workflow, enabling your finance team to simply and efficiently draft, manage, perfect and file required regulatory disclosures.

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SOX Automation

From documentation and walkthrough testing to deficiency remediation and control execution, Toppan Merrill SOX Automation technology solves every challenge at every stage gate—always keeping you ahead of the SOX compliance requirements.


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