SEC Form 40-F

What is SEC Form 40-F?

SEC Form 40-F, also known as the Registration and Annual Report for Canadian Securities Form, is a filing with the SEC used by Canadian companies that want to offer their securities to United States investors.

In addition to being used to register Canadian securities in the United States, Form 40-F provides investors with valuable insight into the Canadian companies offering them. After the first filing with the SEC, the form is thereafter used by Canadian companies to provide their annual report. The form not only supplies standard information about the security and the company, it also gives the domestic and Canadian contact information for the securities issuer.

Form 40-F may be used by a company that’s incorporated or organized in Canada, is a foreign private issuer or crown corporation, has been subject to reporting to any Canadian regulatory authority for at least 12 months, and possesses outstanding equity shares valued at $75 million or more, or a Form F-9 filed with the SEC on or before Dec. 30, 2012.

Once filed, Form 40-F is accessible to public scrutiny on the SEC’s EDGAR computer system for the receipt, acceptance, review and dissemination of documents submitted in electronic format to the SEC. For support and additional information, explore our SEC reporting solutions.