SEC Form 6-K

What is SEC Form 6-K?

SEC Form 6-K is submitted by specific foreign private issuers to the SEC to keep investors aware of information the issuers distribute outside of the United States.

The only SEC submission required of foreign issuers outside of annual reports, the Form 6-K or Exchange Act Form, aims to ensure cross-border transparency of information and investor protection. Form 6-K is used to report any material information that a foreign issuer makes public in its home country, files publicly with its home country stock exchange, or distributes to its security holders.

Form 6-K also serves as a means of reporting any other significant information arising between annual reports and often includes copies of the foreign issuer’s latest financial reports, like income statements, cash-flow statements and balance sheets.

Foreign issuers submit Form 6-K to the SEC electronically. Once filed, it’s displayed publicly using the EDGAR computer system for the receipt, acceptance, review and dissemination of documents submitted in electronic format to the SEC. A record that shows “6-K/A” is an amended Form 6-K, submitted when material information has changed. For support and additional information, explore our SEC Reporting solutions.