What is Form N-CR?

Form N-CR is a Current Report filed by Money Market Funds. This form must be filed on EDGAR whenever a significant event impacts the Fund. Events include:

  • Default or insolvency of a portfolio security
  • Provision of financial support to the Fund
  • Deviation from a $1.00 Net Asset Value share price
  • Imposition of a liquidity fee
  • Suspension of redemptions from the Fund
  • Removal of previously imposed liquidity fee
  • Resumption of previously suspended redemptions

The N-CR filing must be filed generally within one business day following a triggering event. Historically, these filings were made in the traditional HTML/ASCII format. However, starting June 11, 2024, N-CR filings must be made in XML format. This means that, in addition to quickly gathering all the required information for the form, the submission must meet the new XML technical specifications. N-CR filings are publicly available as soon as they are filed on the EDGAR system. For support and additional information, explore our investment company compliance solutions.