Streamline Your Firm’s Client Communications

Efficiently produce brand-compliant marketing materials while simultaneously improving your workflow processes, and increasing data accuracy, validation and consistency.

Modernize your omni-channel communications program with personalized digital and print distribution, including; factsheets, product updates, strategy profiles, welcome kits, proposals, plan reviews and policy communications.

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For Financial Services

Our innovative centralized platform, Toppan Merrill Connect, seamlessly creates, manages, produces, and distributes omni-channel communications. What’s more, this same solution provides flexible adaptation to ever-changing regulations, markets, and client needs.

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For 50+ years, Toppan Merrill has been offering simplified solutions to help create, manage, produce, and distribute critical communications for financial services clients.

Our expertise in the financial services industry ranges from dynamic publishing to content management to email and print delivery.

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Improve operational efficiencies with our single source of truth, Toppan Merrill Connect. By utilizing innovative dynamic publishing technology and an intuitive storefront to simplify creation of personalized targeted communications, sales collateral, direct mail and data feed mailings, you can automate the creation of your documents to improve accuracy and compliance in every document. Streamline document creation regardless of delivery channel.

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Access your documents, whether print or digital, in a central location for collaboration, proofing approval and archiving. All your content and assets are maintained in an integrated platform to provide automation of updates, ensuring they are compliant, on-brand and ready for immediate delivery.

Making a change to a single piece of content automatically updates other templates and assets that contain that content even if it has been shared electronically with a client.

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By utilizing an end-to-end production management solution that combines electronic delivery, print production, ADA services, and distribution alternatives, Toppan Merrill can help reduce overall costs by streamlining the production-through-delivery channel. We help assess the best approach for producing materials to ensure efficiency, accuracy and compliance.

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You’ll simply approve content and recipient data and we’ll get it to your customers, whether to their mailbox or inbox.

Our bounce-to-print functionality ensures every individual receives their communication. If a communication is unable to be delivered electronically, a print file will be automatically generated.

Accommodate your customers’ delivery preference with one single-source solution so they receive the communications they want, how they want them, and when they want them.

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You’ll gain real-time insights into what content is performing, what’s driving revenue, and what content is needed for the future.

Our insights and analytics provide business intelligence on budget consumption of print and digital so you can make informed decisions on budgets and usage.




Our innovative single-source platform, Connect, facilitates seamless transitions from print to electronic communications, with flexible adaptation to ever-changing regulations, markets, and client needs.

Leverage omni-channel solutions for customer acquisition, customer communication, and sales enablement, all with one easy-to-use platform.

Connect helps your team manage regulatory communications securely, and efficiently distribute them to clients.

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