Delivering custom, cost-effective solutions, from receiving through distribution

When it comes to project fulfillment you need customizable options tailored to your unique business needs. Whether a simple brochure or complex, personalized kits, you can count on Toppan Merrill for a solution that meets both your budget and your SLAs. Scanning and voice-directed warehousing throughout the process ensure superior control over inventory tracking and order processing, all to provide the efficiency and quality you deserve for your fulfillment and distribution needs.

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Helping you make the most of your communications

From the moment your order comes in until it leaves our facilities, it’s handled with a combination of tried-and-true methodologies plus cutting-edge technologies, so your customers get the communications they need, when they need them.


Receiving is the most important step in the fulfillment process. That’s why you get top quality controls at every step, ensuring your project is set up for success from the moment it enters our facility. You can count on our robust quality control, including multi-point inspections through receiving, picking, assembly and packing. Not to mention, we offer counting by hand and by scale to validate accuracy, and detailed reporting using real-time inventory levels through our Toppan Merrill Connect® ordering portal. We’ll manage inventory and reduce waste, and you get your order fulfilled accurately and on schedule.


Inline finishing allows your jobs to get done faster and more efficiently than ever before. And with options like spiral binding, perfect binding, and saddle stitching, you always get the perfect finishing touch for your project. You can even choose polywrap or polybag options for a cost-effective alternative to paper envelopes.

Inserting and collation

Custom inserting and collation for your proposals, welcome kits and more can be done manually or by machine, allowing for quick and accurate creation of personalized kits with static and variable documents. Combining off-the-shelf materials with print-on-demand communications enables speed to market. Whether it’s a simple, hand-assembled match mailing or multi-faceted collation, we ensure your clients receive the right communication every time. 2D barcodes provide tracking at the page and piece level to ensure each package is collated to your specifications.


Distribution requires extensive experience to optimize shipping and mailing projects. Our solution offers a proven, economical and efficient mailing system. This system includes built-in automated tracking and state-of-the-art technologies that can lead to efficiencies in postal spend. From data processing services to maximizing presort and commingling combination options, we deliver the solutions you need.

A modern solution backed by years of expertise

Confidently meet client needs with Toppan Merril’s fulfillment and distribution solution. You’ll benefit from 50+ years of industry expertise paired with a modern, innovative solution.

Voice-Directed Warehousing

A voice-activated inventory management system acts as an interface between employees, job management, and inventory systems to increase efficiencies and reduce errors. The system provides hands-free, eyes-up direction to employees through the picking, receiving, put-away, replenishment, and cycle-counting processes, improving both accuracy and efficiency.

Integrity Manufacturing

2D barcodes and inline camera verification scan documents at each station, providing tracking, monitoring and reporting throughout the entire process. And 2D and intelligent mail barcodes allow you to track your communications through production to your clients’ addresses. This provides transparency and audit-ready reporting for all your communications.

Integrity Delivery

Integrity delivery ensures electronic communications that bounce, are undeliverable, or suppressed are automatically routed for print distribution. So every client receives the right message, at the right time.




Our innovative single-source platform, Connect, facilitates seamless transitions from print to electronic communications, with flexible adaptation to ever-changing regulations, markets and client needs.

Leverage omnichannel solutions for customer acquisition, customer communication, and sales enablement, all with one easy-to-use platform.


Connect helps your team manage regulatory communications securely and efficiently distribute them to clients.

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