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XBRL Use Reaches The Tipping Point

Toppan Merrill invites legal, financial, investment advisors and research analyst teams to join a complimentary webinar on how the investment community is realizing significant benefits of using SEC registrants’ XBRL data.

XBRL uniquely provides investors access to detailed information that is often buried in the footnotes of financial statements. Our panel of experts will present lessons learned and case studies to demonstrate how XBRL is revolutionizing how research analysts in the investment community and at the SEC are using data.

Discussion Topics

  1. Learn how the investment community is changing how they are consuming and analyzing structured financials.
  2. See how Inline XBRL is helping users access rich, structured data from SEC filings in seconds, not hours or days.
  3. Understand how the Inline XBRL requirement is creating more awareness of the quality of SEC structured data filings, the risks associated with this and what is being done to improve the quality of this data.
  4. Develop an awareness of how the use of Big Data raises new issues for public companies, as well as for their counsel, as the SEC and the investment community are employing sophisticated tools to identify issues that SEC registrant may not even be aware of.


Danny Northey
Senior Solutions Engineer, Toppan Merrill