What is SEDAR+?

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What is SEDAR+?


The new platform is designed to better support how issuers, SEDAR+ filing agents and data consumers file, disclose and access issuer financial data and information in Canada.

News to Use: What is SEDAR+?

SEDAR+, the new Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) platform originally set to launch June 13, 2023, has been delayed. The CSA posted an update to their SEDAR+ plan, stating an intention to launch on July 25, 2023. The new platform is designed to better support how issuers, SEDAR+ filing agents and data consumers file, disclose and access issuer financial data and information in Canada. The 24/7, web-based platform will simplify the disclosure process for issuers and was developed to improve the user navigation experience.

Impacted Filers and Timing 

At launch, SEDAR+ will be available to all current SEDAR filers. The CSA announced the following transition timeline:

  • Thursday, July 20: The current SEDAR system will close and will not accept filings as of 11:00 pm EDT
    • This is noteworthy as traditionally July 21 and 24 are typical days the SEDAR system would accept filings
  • Tuesday, July 25: As communicated by the CSA, the new SEDAR+ platform will be available

The CSA outlined that over the next couple of years they will migrate data from legacy systems to SEDAR+ in three phases. Starting in July 2023, the following systems will migrate to SEDAR+:

  • Disciplined List and Cease Trade Order databases
  • Exempt market systems
  • Reporting issuers lists
  • Local filing systems


To gain access to the new SEDAR+ platform, onboarding requires that at least one of the following agreements must be submitted by every corporate issuer, filer, investment fund manager and filing agent.

  • Electronic Filer Agreement (EFA): An EFA must be completed by every issuer that will file on SEDAR+, to create a profile and enable SEDAR+ filing submissions
    • Investment fund managers are required to submit one EFA to cover all funds
  • Filing Agent Authorization Form (FAAF): An FAAF must be completed by any issuer or investment fund manager using a filing agent, to grant specific filing agent permissions enabling these agents to submit SEDAR+ filings on their behalf
    • For issuers or investment managers that use multiple filings agents, a separate FAAF is required for each filing agent
  • Account and issuer profile information: Additional required information must be provided by each issuer and investment fund manager while registering for their SEDAR+ profile
    • Some prerequisite information may include additional details that were not previously required by SEDAR

Aside from these SEDAR+ requirements, issuers will continue to process filings through their filing agent in the same manner that they have been accustomed to in original SEDAR.

Benefits of SEDAR+

The CSA highlighted new SEDAR+ features to enhance the user experience, including:

  • A single point of access to all filings and disclosures, with enhanced search functionality and an integrated view of issuer information
  • Secure access from a browser, removing the requirement to install a desktop application to enter filings
  • Enhanced cybersecurity and privacy management
  • Better data quality for regulators and the public through consolidated systems and standardized inputs
  • Automated process for calculating most filing fees and simplify fee payment
  • Increased the scope of filings and give registered organizations the ability to manage their accounts and users

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