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Successfully navigate the complexities of capital markets transactions against the toughest deadlines.

The road to success for raising capital through equity (including a Traditional or SPAC IPO) and debt offerings, is paved by Toppan Merrill’s global expertise, service and speed. For over 50 years, we’ve built a reputation for providing industry leading advisory services and solutions delivered with comprehensive peace of mind. With Toppan Merrill, it’s possible.

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Simply gathering, organizing and exchanging information for the initial due diligence process can strain your company’s resources.

Add to that the requirements for legal and accounting review, scores of revisions to address SEC requests and the management of numerous documents? That’s a recipe for chaos.

Which is why Toppan Merrill solutions for Equity and Debt Offerings include:

  • Follow-On Offerings
  • Investment Grade Bond Offerings
  • High-Yield Bond Offerings
  • Rule 144a Offerings

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Toppan Merrill IPO Management Services

Successfully Navigate the IPO Process

From pre-IPO due diligence and SOX compliance readiness, through the SEC registration process
to post-IPO disclosure support, Toppan Merrill is with you every step of the way.

Pre-IPO Document Readiness

Pre-IPO Drafting, Collaboration and Initial SEC Filing

SEC Registration

SEC Effectiveness and Post-IPO Regulatory Disclosure

Pre-IPO Document Readiness

Pre-IPO Drafting, Collaboration and Initial SEC Filing

SEC Registration

SEC Effectiveness and Post-IPO Regulatory Disclosure

Pre-IPO Document Readiness

Most companies often critically underestimate the amount of time and effort needed to prepare artwork, charts, graphs, and exhibits the S-1 registration statement requires.

A highly secure, centralized, and fully searchable document repository, Datasite is the best-in-class Virtual Data Room (VDR). Get set up in just minutes (as opposed to hours) and empower your team to confidently facilitate readiness and due diligence cycles with access to relevant documentation anytime and anywhere. This is exactly why Datasite is a pre-IPO life-saver.

What’s more, most companies are unaware that early preparation for the rigors of SOX compliance is essential. Our “Pre-IPO Quick-Start” program quickly gets you up and running with 85% of the basic risks and controls built‑in.

Pre-IPO Drafting, Collaboration and Initial SEC Filing

Even for those who are highly prepared, the actual drafting and initial SEC filing of the DRS / S-1 can be a complex and unpredictable process. There can be numerous editing and proofing cycles required between members of the IPO working group. Toppan Merrill Bridge simplifies and streamlines the management of your financial statements to ensure complete readiness for your initial SEC filing.

A component of the initial SEC filing is management acknowledgement of known material weaknesses in SOX compliance. Toppan Merrill SOX Automation technology expertly enables required SOX documentation, walkthrough, findings and audit committee reporting.

SEC Registration

Once the initial filing is drafted, filing the initial registration statement is a time consuming process that can result in a long and costly SEC review. As a result of that review the SEC will issue a comments letter that you will need to respond to and file amendments as needed.

There are additional key steps to be completed during this phase including: Gathering prospectus print and distribution requirements from underwriters. Deciding on prospectus print specifications (paper stock, color/b&w, binding). Printing and delivery of the preliminary prospectus.

While the above activities are happening, using Bridge to streamline the updating and roll-forward of financial statements is critical.

For team members charged with managing SOX compliance, focus remains on the growing complexity of SOX program management. Look to Toppan Merrill SOX Automation technology to manage fast approaching Section §302 and §906 certification requirements. with your first 10-K or 10-Q.

SEC Effectiveness & Post-IPO Regulatory Disclosure

Congratulations, at this point you’ve joined the world of Publicly Traded Companies. But know this, even before your IPO is priced we recommend you proactively begin to prepare for post-IPO SEC disclosure. And we recommend doing so with Bridge. Here’s why:

Bridge technology allows you to seamlessly transition from pre-IPO drafting and collaboration to post-IPO regulatory disclosure requirements, including the creation and submission of EDGAR and iXBRL instance documents.

And regardless of your company size, SOX requirements are now fully mandated, including Management’s Assessment and Auditor’s Opinion of ICFR for § 404(a) and § 404(b).




Datasite is a highly secure, centralized, fully searchable and indexed online virtual data room. that enables all members of your IPO working group to access mission-critical content around the clock.

This facilitates fast and efficient drafting of all required documentation, while assisting underwriters and other working group members in conducting effective and thorough due diligence.

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Toppan Merrill Bridge provides the document editing and content management features of Microsoft® Word and powerful data management capabilities of Microsoft Excel® (with enhanced data linking).

These capabilities are tightly integrated into a team based workflow, enabling your finance team to simply and efficiently collaborate on your financial statements throughout the pre-IPO process.

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SOX Automation

Companies on an IPO trajectory should begin SOX compliance preparation 18-24 months before the planned IPO filing date. Beginning early provides you with a strong 12-month testing period to ensure the controls you have put in place are working as intended and that you have left no areas of risk unaddressed.

From documentation, walkthrough testing, full testing, deficiency remediation to control execution, Toppan Merrill SOX Automation technology solves every challenge at every stage gate keeping you ahead of the SOX compliance requirement.

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SEC Connect

SEC Connect, our secure, web-based, self-service platform allows you to seamlessly prepare Forms 3, 4 and 5 in compliance with Section 16 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.

Post-IPO management of Section 16 filings can be a time-consuming and daunting process, especially if your company manages a large number of filings. On top of that, there’s the added pressure of keeping up with ever-changing SEC regulations.

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