SEC launches modernization of filing fee disclosures, Inline XBRL to follow

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SEC launches modernization of filing fee disclosures, effective Jan. 31, 2022. Inline XBRL is next.

In October 2021, the SEC adopted the Filing Fees and Payment Method Modernization final rule. The mandate was far-reaching, transforming how filing fees in registration statements and fee bearing proxies and tender offers are disclosed and disseminated.

The SEC started implementing fee disclosure and technical changes in stages. The first phase goes into effect on Jan. 31, 2022, requiring companies to submit a new exhibit in HTML format. Beginning July 31, 2024, large accelerated filers will be required to submit the fee data in Inline XBRL (iXBRL) format, with all other filers phased in beginning July 31, 2025. 

Issuers and their legal staff who manage these SEC filings need to understand these changes and prepare now to comply with the SEC updates.

Why is the SEC making filing fee changes?

Manual fee processes and errors

The current fee reporting process is manual and error prone. Existing SEC rules require issuers to include the “Calculation of Registration Fee” table and associated footnotes on the cover in their filing. Fees owed to the SEC are calculated based on the table and then input manually into the EDGAR submission header. The SEC reports that their staff manually review every fee-bearing filing due to the large number of errors.

“Where there are discrepancies, the staff has to resolve the discrepancy and often has to contact the filer to do so. During the 2020 fiscal year, we estimate that approximately 610 fee-bearing filings (representing approximately 0.9% of all fee-bearing filings) contained filer errors requiring manual correction by Commission staff. Common types of filing fee calculation errors involve improper use of offsets, improper use of carryforwards, improper reference to previously paid amounts, and incorrect rule references. When an error occurs, filers must expend additional effort to work with the staff to correct the errors.”

Generating consistent fee table formatting

To reduce errors and improve the quality of fee data, the SEC changed the layout and location of the current fee table. As of Jan. 31, 2022, all fee calculation tables are required to follow the new layout which includes additional columns and more required data.

Improving the usability of SEC filing fee table data

As filers and the legal community modify their table data to meet the new requirements, it paves the way for well-structured fee tagging by the time iXBRL is required beginning July 31, 2024. Transitioning to iXBRL further demonstrates the SEC’s aggressive plan to incorporate interactive data wherever possible to improve investor and SEC staff access to filer data.

New SEC filing fee tables

The SEC is implementing three new fee tables. The required disclosure and format depend on the specific filing and fee data being reported.

Table 1: Newly Registered and Carry Forward Securities

Table 2: Fee Offset Claims and Sources

Table 3: Combined Prospectuses 429 Reference

EDGAR system changes

On Jan. 31, 2022, the EDGAR system will be updated to support the fee table changes and pave the way for Inline XBRL by implementing the following changes:

  • The Filing Fee Calculation table and associated footnotes will move from the cover page to a separate exhibit document.
  • The new EDGAR exhibit will be called EX-FILING FEES.
  • It is required on applicable filings with which pay fees, including:
  • Registration statements and prospectuses filed under Rule 424(b)
  • Proxies
  • Tender offers
  • Filed in HTML format until Inline XBRL is mandated.
  • EDGAR submission headers will include a new tag “Fee table included” to indicate when a fee is being paid.
  • EDGAR will suspend applicable fee bearing submissions that do not include the required submission header change(s) and exhibit.

iXBRL fee data tagging phase-in schedule

The SEC plans to update the EDGAR system prior to the iXBRL mandate to allow for early testing of tagged fee data. The iXBRL phase-in dates are:

  • Large accelerated filers beginning July 31, 2024
  • All other filers beginning July 31, 2025
    • Note: iXBRL tagging of filing fees will cover companies registering securities on any applicable filing, including IPOs. 

Be prepared

To align with the new phase of SEC filing fee modernization, there are several steps filers can take.

  • Review the new SEC mandated fee table layout and modify your disclosures accordingly
  • Ensure your service provider is aware and ready to meet both the disclosure and technical changes
  • Confirm any filing with fee data includes that data in the required new required exhibit document, EX-FILING FEES
  • Check the test filing to ensure there are no fee warnings or errors
    • This could cause a live filing to suspend

Stay tuned for future posts as we explore the impact of the rule and implementation in more detail. 

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Original publish date: Jan. 27, 2022. Updated: December 13, 2023.

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